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League of Extraordinary Women

The League understand how to support women because we feel, we know and<br /> we choose to stand with each and every one. We have fallen where you have fallen,<br /> stood where you have stood and will continue to stand amongst you. Who are we? We are every woman. We are all of you! Welcome to this safe community of support where women striving to lead authentic, christian lives can co-exist in sisterhood and solidarity. Welcome to the League of Extraordinary Women.


Some of the most powerful experiences we can have as women include times whenwe have stood together, not because we know one another or because we feel an unconditional lovefor those we've never met, but because we have all been blessed with the invaluable gift of femininity.


When we stand tall, even as the action threatens to break us, we chip away at the notion that we are weak, incapable or too sensitive. With each achievement, our determination to succeed becomes more acceptable and, in times of complete lunacy, is even revered.


When life goes well, celebrating with those who are invested in our betterment can define how we view those successes and, when things are less than ideal, having someone to turn to who will cater to the most basic of human needs within us, can be life-sustaining.


A single mother of two young children, who has stood in the face of much defeat by mastering the art of overcoming daily life challenges.

Naomi Empowers is an exceptional and highly sought after speaker, publicist and coach who provides real value, inspiration, empowerment and practical solutions for organisations and individuals who want to be more, have more and achieve more both in business and their personal life! Naomi founded League of Extraordinary Women after going through an extremely dark time in her life where she battled depression and experienced great emotional trauma during the breakdown of her growing family. She recalls wearing a fake smile and feeling compelled to pretend that all was well due to fear of harsh judgement and a lack of understanding from her church family instead of the love that Christians often speak about. It was shortly after this storm had passed that she felt inspired to create a safe space for women to be able to come together and openly talk about their deepest challenges and find solutions to those taboo situations that they may find themselves in. Naomi was able to find the purpose in her pain by sharing her testimony with those around her and as a result, women felt liberated and empowered to remove their own masks, drop their act and begin the process of healing. This was the birth of League of Extraordinary Women. As a single mother of two young children, Naomi is no stranger to the challenges associated with juggling single-parenthood, entrepreneurship and womanhood. As a woman who has stood in the face of much defeat and many failures, she has mastered the art of overcoming and has learned how to be relentless in the pursuit of her goals. . Her remarkable delivery, captivating presence, genuine empathy and authenticity has provided her with many opportunities to share the good news that God specialises in making masterpieces out of our mess; therefore we need not be ashamed of our brokenness or scars. God is still in the restoration business!

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